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Local Art Societies

Newlyn Society of Artists (NSA)

The NSA is a group of about one hundred and forty professional artists who either live in the South West or have strong connections with the area. The membership is composed of artists working across the full range of contemporary media including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, video/digital, site specific and performance. The NSA has a close working relationship with The Exchange in Penzance and Newlyn Art Gallery where it has had its home since its formation more than a century ago.

St Ives Society of Artists

The St Ives Society of Artists was formed by marine artist George Fagan Bradshaw in 1927. The Society’s exhibition programmes feature work chosen by guest curators, and invited exhibitions that are a diverse mix of contemporary visual art.


Where to get your work photographed...

We are a specialist service for Cornwall’s art community that produces high quality artwork reproduction suitable for high end printing for catalogues. We are two photographers, Steve Tanner & Ian Kingsnorth, who have been working with the Cornwall's leading artists and galleries for over 15 years. We have recently moved into a new workspace at Trereife Park, Newlyn and have set up a permanent studio specifically to photograph art. We are allocating a regular art day where we will photograph just art works for the day, therefore enabling us to offer our services and expertise at a reduced price. We also offer a number of unique options such as same day turnaround as well as traditional on location options.



Registered Office: Newlyn School of Art, The Old Board School, Chywoone Hill, Newlyn, Cornwall TR18 5AW. Tel: 01736365557.
Company Number: 7621257. Registered in Cardiff in 2011.