We are delighted to launch our new Year-long Online Landscape Course!

Life Drawing Session No.2

In this session, Jesse uses watercolour and ink to show how to orchestrate the way around a posed model. By utilising a long patterned scarf as a visual device to interrupt areas of flesh, and accentuate the drama of the hands, he explains the benefits of focusing on selected parts of the figure. A beneficial lesson in how to go with the flow of the materials.

Jesse Leroy Smith

Materials used on this course:

This session, by Jesse Leroy Smith, ideally attendees to have some form of water based paint that can be watered down like watercolour, acrylic or gouache, 2-3 brushes, 5-6 sheets paper ideally A2, rags, some water, pencils and ink if available although it is not essential.

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