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Kate Walters

Artist Kate Walters teaches our four-day Monoprinting Landscape short course and is a tutor on our Studio Practice and the Mentoring Programme. Kate is also a tutor on a number of our Online Life Drawing Sessions.

"In my paintings, drawings and poems I’m exploring the potency of the erotic life of the body and where it overlaps and intersects with the erotic life of the earth.

The erotic life of the wild earth – as manifested in creatures, plants and invisible beings – shows itself to me in images of interpenetration; there are valves on the skin of our invisible/hidden organs of perception which we might tune ourselves to in order to find, open and understand the voices of the earth. 

Being in relatively uninhabited places - such as Scottish islands, and the national parks in Italy - help me to access these visionary states."

Some recent writing about Kate's work:

Kate Walters’ startling images go straight from the eye to whatever emotional nexus it is that primes and enriches our inner lives. Their visionary quality is evident in both form and impulse; they are compelling for what seems a wholly instinctive fusion of the visceral with the lyrical. And they are confrontational, presenting as encounters from dream just as dream relates to those deep quotidian mysteries to which we are most often blind. David Harsent

Kate Walters
Kate Walters