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Life Drawing Session No.15

Creating a bank of sheets of paper with random painted marks is key to making exciting collages in this session. Jesse guides us through a series of quicker life drawings on the back of painted sheets and shows us how to evolve the work by cutting, inverting and layering, then painting and drawing back into the results.

Jesse Leroy Smith

Materials used on this course:

 If possible the following materials would be useful for the collage-inspired life session with Jesse Leroy Smith:
5 sheets of A2 brown paper (if you don’t have brown paper you may want to wash some brown colour over some paper to create something similar and allow time for it to dry in advance). 5 sheets of white A2 cartridge paper.
Some coloured papers are handy but not essential A2 size approx ideally (again you could create some coloured paper yourself in advance by painting some paper ahead).
Scissors, a knife, black gaffa tape. Black, red, white and yellow acrylic paint or the same colours in oils (but students can choose the 3 colours and which paint medium. If using waterbased paint you will need some water in a pot/if using oils you will need some turps or white spirit in a pot).
A range of brushes including 3 large 2-3 inch wide ones. Rags or kitchen towel/loo roll, a pencil or graphite pencil and a rubber.

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