The Seascape and Landscape online course offers participants a host of exercises demonstrated and outlined by leading coastal painter Paul Lewin. Paul uses watercolour and mixed media in an unusually bold way building up strong base colours and a dynamic composition underpinned by use of tone before applying layers of mixed media and detail. Paul does many demonstrations out on the coastline and in the studio guiding participants on how to work from the many looped film clips of the dramatic Cornish coastline provided with the course. Paul uses watercolour and mixed media on the course but the teaching and exercises would all also be applicable for watered-down acrylics should any participants prefer. 

A wonderful opportunity to learn how to paint bold coastal landscapes from a master of the subject. 

The course is pre-recorded so that you can take your time to really absorb the wealth of advice, practical exercises and demonstrations throughout the course. We would advise spending at least around 3-4 days working your way through the course. The artist suggests that it would be good to create several studies from each exercise to fully explore the learning and new techniques and approaches.

You have unlimited access to the course for 12 months.

Chapters within the course include:                  


Sketching on location on the coast

  • Demonstration
  • Exercise

Drawing exercises in studio using coastal looping video

Monotone painting on location on the coast

  • Demonstration
  • Exercise

Looking at Colour in studio

  • Exercise

Demonstration with notes, painting on location in a cove in West Cornwall

Demonstration with notes in studio using a coastal looping video

Limited palette painting using 4 colours.

Demonstration using coastal looping video

  • Exercise

Final advice from Paul.

Paul Lewin

Materials used on this course:

Watercolour paints, water-soluble pencils, paint palette, cardboard viewfinder, Stanley knife blade, a tin of wax & chalk pastels. A full list of materials is available once you purchase this course.


Intended for:

This online Seascape and Landscape course is aimed at anyone who would like to gain guidance on how to paint coastal landscapes with a bold use of watercolour and mixed media.


The course is broken up into a series of exercises and demonstrations which can be worked with at your own pace but we would suggest that it might be experienced in stages over 3-4 days ideally.

You get 12 months of unlimited use of the course.

How to participate:

Simply click on the link we send you in your purchase confirmation email from which you can play the main course film and also find the many accompanying landscape location loops which you can paint from. Some people may choose to use landscape they have access to for the exercises but if not then the landscape location loops given with the course will be a fantastic resource to work with from the comfort of your own studio/home. The exercises are demonstrated wonderfully by artist Paul Lewin with lots of hints and tips and then the directions for what you can then do are written on the screen for you in the text which you can pause to really take in the advice. It is a jam-packed course with lots of exercises for you to do and a wealth of advice and instruction from one of the UK's leading coastal landscape artists.


Accessible to all levels but a little previous experience of painting may be useful.


16+ might be a sensible guide age

Additional info:

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