We are delighted to launch our new Year-long Online Landscape Course!

Tresco Tutors

Please let us introduce our Tresco Painting Holiday Tutors for 2025.

Amanda Hoskin - her main aim is to help others to find their own path and voice through their passion and enjoyment in painting. Amanda's materials for her Tresco painting courses include; acrylics, acrylic inks, water colours, charcoal, chalks, and pencils.

Imogen Bone - Imogen will be hugely informative and inspiring to students of all levels of experience. Imogen's materials for her Tresco painting courses include; acrylics and neocolour crayons, charcoal, pastels, and pencils.

Maggie O'Brien - Maggie's teaching style is deeply inspiring and based around encouraging exploration, freedom and fun. Maggie's materials for her Tresco painting courses include; acrylics, acrylic and Indian inks, palette knives, charcoal, pastels, and pencils.

Sam Boughton - Sam creates semi-abstract landscapes inspired by the wild and open spaces found here in the South West. "I pour, drip and splash the ink across the paper whilst controlling the flow by gently manoeuvring the large sheets. Creating a painting is a constant balance between colour and marks, space and form. Accidental marks are always embraced as these reflect the irregularity and vibrancy found in nature."

Paul Lewin - His mixed media work uses a great number of different techniques learnt over a long career and is extremely gracious in wanting to pass on that experience to attending students. Paul's materials for his Tresco painting courses include; predominately watercolours and white gouache, charcoal, chalks, oil pastels, and pencils, with the use of an array of brushes, scrapers and other materials.


2025 Course Dates per Tutor

Wednesday 7th to Saturday 10th of May                   Amanda Hoskin

Wednesday 21st to Saturday 24th of May                Imogen Bone

Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th of June                           Maggie O'Brien

Wednesday 18th to Saturday 21st of June                 Sam Boughton

Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 6th of September       Paul Lewin

Wednesday 17th to Saturday 20th of September    Imogen Bone


Tresco Tutors
Tresco Tutors